The M60 Patton is the first main battle tank, built in the USA. Development of the M60 began in 1957, and production commenced in 1960 ending in 1987.  M60A3 was developed in 1980. The M60A3 main battle tank features a new fire control system that has improved fire accuracy. It’s hit probability for a stationary tank-size target, located 2,000 m away is 70% (with the A1 only being23%) . The earlier M219 coaxial 7.62-mm machine gun was replaced by the M240. Main gun received a thermal sleeve. Protection of the M60A3 was slightly improved by Kevlar spall liner, fitted to the turret. It was also fitted with both smoke grenade dis-chargers, and an engine exhaust smoke system where fuel is sprayed into the exhaust manifold, producing smoke.

The main gun is a 105mm (4.1 in) M68 gun, with secondary fire being a .50 cal M85 and a 7.62 cal M240 machine guns. AN/VGS-2 Tank Thermal Sights  (TTSs) were added, which not only improved the night fighting capability of the tank but also enabled the tank to see through smoke and ground cover. The AN/VGS-2 thermal imaging equipment replaced the gunner’s passive night vision periscope.IMG_0098